Slightly Stoopid


Pushing the envelope!

Genre(s): college, contemporary, fairs special events
Artist Bio:

With more than a decade of making music together, the members of Slightly Stoopid have perfected one of the rarest and most valuable skills a band can develop: the art of the stealth groove, that knack for quietly, almost innocently, sliding into a composition, and utterly lassoing anyone within earshot by mid- song. That’s where the band has come to reside, musically: deep in the pocket, that ever-elusive, funky trench where a band can entrance an audience, hypnotize it and hold on to it until the set or CD is finished. Built on a bedrock of nasty, oceanic slabs of dubby bass, meditative vocal harmonies, rock-steady guitar licks and tightly syncopated percussive rhythms, Slightly Stoopid illustrates a case study in underground success, steeped in years of hard touring, an improvisational business model, and a creative process that continues to unwind and push the envelope of a new jam-based genre the band helped to create.

Illustrating the perfect underground success story, Slightly Stoopid’s dual front men Miles Doughty (Guitar, Bass, Vocals) and Kyle McDonald (Guitar, Bass, Vocals) created their own label, Stoopid Records, in the early 2000’s. They later added musicians Ryan ‘RyMo’ Moran (Drums) and Oguer ‘OG’ Ocon (Congas, Percussion, Harp, Vocals) from the B Side Players, as well as C-Money (Trumpet, Keyboard) and Dela (Saxophone) from John Browns Body; solidifying their on stage line up. The buzz surrounding the group continues to increase with each successive release; their album catalog sales have topped the 900,000 mark under their own record label, Stoopid Records, and the group continues to play sold-out shows at the most prestigious concert venues around the world. In addition to that, their annual summer amphitheatre tours consistently rank in Pollstar’s top concert tours of the year.

The Slightly Stoopid story can be traced to Ocean Beach, California, when childhood chums Miles and Kyle formed the group in 1995, mixing rock, reggae, and punk sounds into one smooth stylistic cocktail. Soon after, late/great Sublime front man Brad Nowell gained interest in the group, and signed them to his Skunk Records label – while the band members were still in high school. After a pair of successful releases (Slightly Stoopid and The Longest Barrel Ride), the group began releasing on their own label, Stoopid Records, beginning with 2001’s Acoustic Roots: Live and Direct (a 40-minute acoustic set, captured live at San Diego ‘s Rock 105.3 radio station). They then went on to release Everything You Need (selling more than 250,000 copies) Closer To The Sun, Winter Tour ‘05-‘06, their first-ever DVD Live in San Diego, Chronchitis (debuted at #48 on the Billboard 100 and #2 on the indie charts), and their latest Slightly Not Stoned Enough To Eat Breakfast Yet Stoopid (B sides + new material). Seemingly always on the move, there appears to be no slowing down in sight for Slightly Stoopid, and according to Miles, that’s precisely what fuels the group’s creativity. “For us, the most important thing in the future, we just want to stay busy and always playing music – whether creating, touring, or just sitting on your couch and jamming. I think we’ll always be recording. And just have fun – without the fun part, it ain’t worth it.”

Song List

Closer to the Sun
Collie Man
This Joint