Miss Willie Brown


They love hard, fight hard, and play hard, amen.

Genre(s): country, college, fairs special events, corporate
Artist Bio:

Kasey is from Texas. she has a deep love for Mississippi. Amanda is from West Virginia. she has a deep love for Florida. Amanda likes guacamole. Kasey likes fried pickles. Amanda is a former contortionist that traveled with a band of gypsies in the early eighties. Kasey judges her for this. Kasey taught speech therapy at Yale University for twelve years but left her career in teaching due to a severe flogging incident which included rye bread and a jar of spam. Amanda judges Kasey for this…silently. Amanda has one dance move. Kasey has 47. Amanda hears high harmonies. Kasey hears low harmonies. Amanda can’t remember beginnings of songs—-regardless of how many times she has played them. Kasey is flat—-a lot. Kasey has never seen Amanda without hoop earrings on.
Amanda makes Kasey wear her hair down. Kasey and Amanda met in the early nineties at a rainbow brite convention. they immediately hit it off after discovering they both lost their virginity via simulating sex between their rainbow brite dolls and a g.i. joe. they later came to also discover that they both had Reba Mcentire’s “the night the lights went out in Georgia” playing in the background.
Kasey has tattoos. Amanda does not. Amanda wears red. a lot. Kasey wears blue. ...they are both extremely grateful to know each other and for the opportunities they have to make music together. they love hard and fight hard and play hard. amen.

Song List

You're All That Matters to Me