Genre(s): college, urban
Artist Bio:

In the vast continuously-evolving landscape known as the rap game, sub-genres have come and gone. Boom bap bombed out. Snap, broke. Coke rhymes went cold turkey. And even gangster rap has gone soft, a time or two. But, when it comes to the music that instantly induces females to rhythmically shake their derrières, like the tunes popularized by Miami’s “bass” movement, New Orleans’ “bounce” scene and continued with the myriad of strip club anthems that flood the airwaves today, the force has never been stronger. Over the past two years Kansas City, Missouri’s Kordero “Kstylis” Williams has emerged as the ring master to the new age “twerk” campaign.

Powered by his series of posterior percolating hits including the chart-climbing smash single, “Booty Me Down,” the recently signed to Epic Records artist is taking the ass shaking business to a whole new level. Substantiating his claim to the throne as, The King of Twerk.

“It’s a movement that will never die,” he says. “Girls will always be in the club. They are always going to be feeling themselves. They are always going to want to shake [their butts].”

Coming up in the city’s South Side, Kstylis almost never got a chance to make his plans jump. Living on his own at the age of 17, the aspiring musician found himself too tatted to get a 9 to 5, and trying to stay afloat while carving his niche in KC’s street music dominated rap scene.

“I was seriously homeless,” he says of his early grind. “It was times I had to sleep in the car. I was doing local shows every weekend. Even if it was a birthday party. Anything that was in motion I was there.”

After getting his feet on solid ground in 2010, the resilient rapper put his musical grind into overdrive linking up with renowned Kansas City producer Pretty Boi Beats. The collaboration was fruitful, and Kstylis soon started to make his lane in the “twerk” genre with local rump shaking hits “Gone Do That There” and “Work That Monkey.” Determined not to lose, he worked himself sick, literally.

“I was on the computer promoting my music 24-7. That’s how serious I was,” he recalls. “If I missed a day I’d be mad. I couldn’t function. It was like a drug to me. I literally put myself in the hospital, with migraines, because I was on the computer so much.”

Soon, he was churning out fanny fluttering anthems like, “Hands Up, Get Low,” “Booty Hopscotch” and “Trampoline Booty,” and became an internationally known viral sensation amassing over 20 million views to his YouTube page. Kstylis has also taken his movement nationwide, headlining two sold out tours – Hands Up, Get Low (2011) and So You Think You Can Twerk (2012) – as well as collaborating with YG, Beat King, YV da BG and Internet starlets The Twerk Team.

Kstylis’ latest hit, the bass-heavy “Booty Me Down” is bouncing in clubs throughout the nation and is the inspirational score for thousands of eye-popping “twerk dance videos” that have been uploaded onto Internet. Currently crafting tracks for his Epic debut, Kstylis plans to continue his reign on making girls’ backsides bounce like bad checks.

“Behind the ‘King of Twerk’ name is a story of how I made it work,” he says. “I worked so hard, I grinded so hard, I made so many sacrifices its crazy. I did everything for this career. I’m not going to stop until I stamp that. I want the world to know I am the King of Twerk.”

Song List

Booty Bang
Trampoline Booty
Daisy Dukes Back
Twerk Session
Booty Hopscotch