The Glitch Mob

The glitch mob

Genre(s): college, electronicdj
Artist Bio:

What started out as a partnership between friends, each sharing a similar and unique vision for the future of electronic music, has evolved into a kaleidoscopic sound that can only be described by referencing The Glitch Mob name. Selling out venues from coast to coast, the band quickly became a favorite at venues such as Coachella, Red Rocks, and Lollapalooza with their visceral, innovative performances that paired the best of dance music with the backbeat of hip-hop. With a sound that’s more of a constantly mutating concept, members edIT, Boreta, and Ooah delivered their first album release in 2010, Drink The Sea, and evoked a voyage into the unexpected – including sonic waters previously unexplored by the band itself.

Song List

We Can Make The World Stop
Animus Vox
Fortune Days
Warrior Concerto
We Swarm
Drive It Like You Stole It
Bad Wings 
A Dream Within A Dream