from underground clubs to big stages

Artist Bio:

Formed in 1985 by singer songwriter Saúl Hernández, Caifanes quickly made the jump from playing clandestine underground rock clubs to the big stages of Mexico, U.S. and Latin America. 

In 1996 the band changed its name to Jaguares due to a legal dispute.  The band’s first album sold nearly 80,000 copies in 1987, without a radio hit or a big marketing campaign. These accomplishment stunned Mexico’s music industry because it underscored a truth that thousands and thousands of kids already knew—rock music fans now had a voice through Saul’s lyrics. 

Jaguares / Caifanes have released 10 albums, sold more that 15,000,000 and collaborated and/ or toured with many artists, including Morrisey, Stuart Copeland, Adrian Belew, Don Was, The Rolling Stones, David Hidalgo (Los Lobos), Mark Isham, Billy Preston, Flaco Jiménez, Tigres del Norte, Juan Gabriel, La Internacional Sonora Santanera, Peter Gabriel, Live,  Estopa, Red Hot Chili Peppers and many others.  In 1997, Hernández even teamed up with legendary Algerian rai singer Cheb Khaled to record the bilingual Spanish-Arabic duet “Ki Kounti.” 
As a songwriter, Hernández speaks across generations with songs that, whether they become radio hits or not, still take hold as part of the essential soundtracks to the lives of many, in Mexico and all over the world. 
The band has found poetry in darkness, strength in musical mystery, and in Mexican tradition. Jaguares are Mexican alt-rock’s most durable gods, a band who plays with the same passion and devotion for 120,000 fans in the Zócalo of Mexico City, a small club in Paris, a cultural event in Oaxaca or an Amphitheater in Los Angeles or Chicago.

As they’ve shown time and time again, Jaguares can sell out venues even without a new single on the radio or a new record on the shelves. They have never had radio or tv airplay in the U.S. to speak of, however they continue to tour and sell out venues across the country. 

Jaguares make music born of the present but rooted in the spirits of the past, music that when performed live is far more than a concert—it’s a communal ritual between thousands of singing strangers. The candles are lit, the priests take the stage, and in the space of a single evening, the concert becomes a holy rock-and-roll ceremony. 

The current line up for the band includes Saúl Hernández, Alfonso André (drums),  César López “Vampiro” (Guitar) and Marco Renteria (Bass). Jaguares will release their highly anticipated new studio album “45” on
September 2nd, 2008. 

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